Drama Studio


27’th of April 2023

Welcome to Drama Studio version 2023.4.27.0 🙂

This version primarily contains bug fixes, but also has a couple of new features. For example, we now display news on the front page when the game starts, so we can inform about important changes. The buttons for controlling the camera in scenography and direction has been redesigned to require fewer clicks to operate.

  • News is now shown on startup
  • Controlling the camera in scenography and direction now requires fewer clicks
  • Gesture control now has proper mouseover icon
  • Colour picker in costume room now matches colours on actor more closely
  • Default line animation no longer overrides walk animation
  • Deleting a gesture while creating it, no longer results in weird behavior
  • Actors wil no longer be “sitting on thin air” when instructing them to sit.
  • Follow spot dialogue now properly reflects the chosen spotlight on first open
  • Various back end fixes