What is Drama Studio?

Drama Studio lets K12 students tell their own stories, and share them with their class, family and friends for fun, for learning or for both. Based on scientifically validated teaching methodologies and solid game design, Drama Studio is not just a fun game, but also a strong tool for language-, creative writing- and drama teachers.

Here is why you’ll love it


Write a play

Students use their own words. They learn how to master the skill of writing by creating their own manuscript and become masterful storytellers.


Cast your actors

As the Casting Director, you need to choose your actors. Who should it be? Drama Studio gives you an array of characters you can select from.


Create the scenography

Students can challenge their aestethic skills in the role as production designers where they use their design skills to create breathtaking scenography and effects.


Play with emotes

When you actors need to cry, laugh, look surprised, you can choose the appropriate voice emotes to create a passionate performance.


Direct the actors

Set the path and gestures and timing for the actors. The students will challenge their skills skills as directors and execute the written play on stage.


Share your story

It’s time to show your play to the world! The final product can be shown in class while discussing the story, characters, emotions and much more.

Based on the school at play approach

The school at play approach is focused on the creation of well-being and higher commitment to participate in class.

The school at play approach uses the students’ interest in computer games to make the tuition relevant and meaningful to everyone.

A tool for teachers

  • You can create classes and set up teams, which students can join.
  • Find fitting assignments and share them with the students, or give them partially finished plays for them to work on.
  • Define your own tasks, or use those templates from within the game.

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